Friday, September 2, 2011

Potato chips may not have gluten but they have FAT :)

Potatoes are my favourite vegetables. I will discuss the many ways I eat that vegetable in another posting. The reason I am writing this blog is that I am addicted to chips of any kind, every kind. I crave them (:S) and sometimes get a big bag and finish it in an hour. Some of my favourites are Lays BBQ and Lemon Chile (sold in middle east), Flamin cheetos, Old Dutch Chedder Cheese and Jalapeno, Omani Chips, and lastly Blair's Death Rain habanero chips. These are the best chips if you like spice and little bit of sour. However, HOWEVER, I cant have them all the time and believe me I used to have them all the time. After being diagnosed with celiacs, my diet took a turn towards eating healthy. I started to realise how chips are bad for me (as if I already didn't know). But I still liked them and wanted them. The healthier version of crispy snacks started getting introduced here in department store, like whole wheat tostitoes, pita chips, veggie sticks etc. Now, those I cant have :) so what do I do?

I started trying all the snack and chips that were of gluten free variety. I tried different torttilla chips, bean chips. Some of them actually made me sick. After a year of searching I found my perfect one. Its crispy and perfect for eating with guacamole or other dips. It is made up of lentils and beans, my favourite. It has light seasoning that cools down my craving of salty and savoury.

I got the Permasean flavour of these delicious crispy and hearty Baked Lentil Chips by Mediterranean Snacks.There are other flavours like Cucumber Dill, Cracked Pepper and many more. I found them in Winners and Bulk Barn.

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